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  • Cooperation consultation and guidance

    Thanks for your attention and concern about the suppliers of BEIJING UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE GROUP CO., LTD, and we expect the suppliers meeting the requirements to actively communicate with us, and carry out cooperation in the future.

    Cooperation goal

    Equality and mutual benefit, comprehensive collaboration, mutual development, and win-win achievement

    Cooperation basis

    Willingness, equality, integrity, strength

    Join us

    1. Please log in the official website of UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE to look up “about supplier – principle requirements”, and determine whether to conform to the corresponding qualifications and standards.
    2. Please look up “about supplier- supplier on-line registration”, please register first and then fill in the Supplier Registration Information Sheet and upload the attachments (PDF format, and document size controlled within 100M )
    any missing material will cause on-line registration audit not qualified. In “uploading attachment” of filling-in process, the suppliers should upload the effective scanning copies of various kinds of qualifications,and the necessary “uploading attachment” materials are as follows:
    (1)Enterprise information: business license, organization code, tax registration, bank account opening information;
    (2)Construction unit, supervision unit, design unit qualification: enterprise construction, design and qualification documents, safety production license;
    (3)Main achievements: provide the cooperation list with large real estate enterprises (if any) in the nearly five years, provide the list of company cases (including project name, product, total amount, cooperation year and etc) in the nearly five years;
    (4)Material and equipment agent: the related authorization awarded by the manufacturer to agent;
    (5)Contact information: the letter of authorization awarded by the company to the linkman;
    (6)The e-mail account filled in as supplier account must be accurate and errorless, so as to be convenient to retrieve the password later.
    (7)After submitting the on-line registration, the suppliers shall not modify the corresponding information before our company completes audit;
    (8)If not passing the on-line registration audit, please supplement the corresponding materials according to the audit opinion, and then submit it for audit again until passing the audit;
    Special tip: after passing the on-line registration audit, the suppliers can only have the biding application qualification after investigated and identified by the related department of our company.

    Supplier grade:

    1. Supplier on trial: the supplier passing the qualification review will be listed as the supplier on trial.
    2. Qualified supplier: the supplier passing the project cooperation and performance assessment will be listed as the qualified supplier, which can enjoy investigation-free link in biding.
    3. Strategic supplier

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