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    Related statements about supplier management of UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE

    I、Whitehanded cooperation
    In order to strengthen the whitehanded management upon supplier cooperation, our company has the following requirements upon the enterprise staff, and the suppliers shall obey, coordinate and supervise too:
    1. Carry out whitehanded management education.
    2. Do not accept the invitation of supplier, or accept the material object, cash or gift certificate in any forms.
    3. Take measures to prevent the bride-asking and bribe-taking behaviors in any forms.
    4. Give administrative and economic punishment according to the serious degree of event and the influence.
    5. When receiving the anti-corruption report according to the cooperation regulations, timely conduct survey, and handle it according to the investigation condition.

    II、Cooperation in good faith
    The supplier shall guarantee the information filled in is true and effective in on-line registration, and the applicant will be rejected for any concealing or false situations, and lose the cooperation opportunity.

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