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  • Overview

    From the elegant and chic Tsinghua to the global Tsinghua Unigroup, then to the progressive UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE, they pass the flame, come down in one continuous line, carry forward the soul of Tsinghua, pass on the path of UNI, and achieve the sprit of UNI.

    For a Hundred-Years University dedicated in rigorous scholarship and industrious pursuit of education to a chip giant committed to independent innovation and aggressive expansion, and to a science and education real estate company integrating resources and taking advantage of opportunities, a bright and brilliant brand image has appeared after one steady step after one.

    From the massive "strengthening self without stopping, and holding world with virtue", to the modest and diligent “loyalty and sincerity, respect and kindness”, and then to the earnest and pragmatic "people first, stable accumulation", you can see the accumulation of Tsinghua, the holding up of UNI people, and the carrying forward of SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE people.

    Since its establishment, UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE has always been carrying forward the sprit in inheritance, and innovating in carrying forward, thus forming a unique culture. We uphold the core value of "speaking with achievements, loyalty to the enterprise, simple interpersonal relationship; the sense of responsibility to Tsinghua, the sense of mission to the society and the sense of identity to the country”, adhere to the core outlook on talents of "wide recruitment, careful employment, diligent education and kindly treatment”, thus opening up a new land of UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE step by step.

    “Constantly striving to become stronger” and “pooling the wisdom and efforts of everyone” can push the enterprise forward; “self-discipline and social commitment” and “both the higher and lower levels are united h as one” can keep the enterprise foundation evergreen. This is both the faith and the eternal goal of all persons in UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE.

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