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  • Personnel concept

    Talent is the soul of an enterprise, and the driving force for the enterprise’s sustainable development. Therefore, UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE has been adhering to the core outlook on talent of "wide recruitment, careful employment, diligent education and kindly treatment”, so as to promote the company's talent construction to develop toward the benign track.

    On the basis of fully practicing the core talent concept, the company also makes innovation, and define the employment mechanism of "full authorization, proper supervision; promotion based on achievements, work division based on ability”; when giving the talents full authorization, we will make more reasonable division of responsibilities according to each person's ability, and fairly give corresponding position and award based on the achievements.

    Talent is the hope, talent is the future. UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE will wholeheartedly welcome the persons with lofty ideals to join our company, and create a glorious tomorrow together.

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