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  • HR system overview

    The human resource system of UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE can divided into recruitment, compensation, performance, training, employee relation, corporate culture, and other modules, all of which is based on the actual development of the company, and we will work together to promote the orderly advancement of the company’s human resources work.

    Currently, the company's human resources system has the following characteristics: younger employees (mostly the generation after 80s), high education level (bachelor degree accounts for more than 80%, and a lot of talents have the educational background of Tsinghua university), and strong professional ability of the team.

    In the future 3-5 years, we will continue to maintain and improve the advantages of younger company team, high education background, and professional ability; meanwhile, we will also focus on the working principle of attracting excellent talents, retaining outstanding talents, and developing excellent talents, and emphasize on the development, set foot on training, control total volume, optimize structure, reduce costs, improve quality, and finally realize the overall goal of providing comprehensive human resource service for the enterprise’s overall strategy.

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