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  • Brand values

    Our Brand DNA

    Strategy implementation, brand first
    • Duty

      UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE thoroughly understands the national development demand, promotes the revitalization of national industry, and national industrial upgrading, accelerates the transformation of science and technology, serves the regional economy, achieves industry development, and practice the ceternally immutable family-country mood from Tsinghua to Unigroup.

    • Science and technology

      Inherit the top-level international scientific research resources and teams from Tsinghua, as well as the global leading science and technology enterprises genes of Tsinghua Unigroup, science and technology is not only the inherent enterprise attribute of UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE, but also the most pure brand lineage mark.

    • Innovation

      Production, study, research, finance and policy integrated park model, full-resources enterprise platform, high-grade, precision and advanced science and education industrial characteristics; Innovation is the natural attribute and brand vitality of UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE.

    • Humanity

      Hundred-year Tsinghua University and corporate giant, UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE adheres to the brand culture essence of Tsinghua University and UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE, builds a harmonious way of communication between enterprises and employees, and creates a deeply integrating and expanding brand culture.

    • Ecology

      UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE takes the lead in the development of ecological science and technology park according to the demands in whole life cycle, through green, low carbon, environmental protection, harmonious, healthy and happy human ecology, industry ecology and ecological city, jointly form the enterprise’s sustainable development needs.

    • Trust

      Thorough understanding of the needs of science and education enterprises, by virtue of the powerful background strengthen, extensive resources and professional service concept, UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE is the close partner of new enterprises entering the park, and it understands and satisfies the development needs of enterprise and people.

    • Integration

      Link real estate and science and education resources, build China's unprecedented cross-border industrial platform, integrate the powerful team, resources, capital, and technology of Tsinghua and Unigroup, and provide care for the enterprises and individuals in the whole life cycle.

    Our brand value

    Five core values

    • Industry

      There are consumption ten electronic companies such as Uni share, Spreadtrum, RDA, Kunming Machine Tool shares the same side, Nuctech, Shenyang Machine Tool, H3C, TCL Group, covering integrated circuit, science and technology network security, mobile Internet and big data processing.

    • Education

      Relying on the strong cultural heritage of Tsinghua University and integrating the education resources of Tsinghua University, Tsinghua High School, Tsinghua school form a particular brand advantages in the filed of primary education, industial training and educatinal investment.

    • Talented person

      UniU Uni Microelectronics college, strategic alliances of Tsinghua universities, industrial training to achieve the talent development mode of college students practice base,employment,cultivation, training and re-education.

    • Medical

      Huaxin Hospital, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Yuquan Hospital, Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, Department of Medicine, Tsinghua University.

    • Research

      Relying on scientific research institutions of Tsinghua resources, and facing for the government, the establishment of enterprise development and cooperative research projects, TSINGHUA UNIGROUP obtain the national support policies and social resources and promote scientific and technological achievements, to enhance the economic efficiency of enterprises.

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