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  • Brand concept

    Our brand culture · missioninheritance

    • Tsinghua University was founded at a critical and difficult moment of country and people, and it grew in the struggle of country and people, and developed in the national rejuvenation. The development of Hundred Year Tsinghua is always closely related to national future and destiny.From combining the teaching, scientific research and production, to deepening the manufacture-learning-research cooperation, promoting regional and enterprise innovation and development, it has been striving for building an innovative country, and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

    • As a backbone enterprise subordinated to Tsinghua Holdings, Tsinghua Unigroup’s development mission is to become the international chip industry group. The group has been actively responding to the national strategy of national "12th Five-Year Plan Strategic Emerging Industry Development Planning" and "Independent Innovation, Safe and Controllable", practicing the sense of responsibility to Tsinghua, the sense of mission to the society, so as to become a respected enterprise group through industrial development.

    • UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE takes service group industry integration, and industry development promotion as the strategic goal, so as to integrate industry, education, talent, medical treatment, scientific research and other resources advantages through industry + education + pension complex development mode, thus building a lift-time city meeting the demand of enterprise and people in the whole life cycle.Boost national industry revitalization and national industrial upgrading, accelerate the transformation of science and technology, and serve the regional economy, so as to comprehensively realize the contributions of enterprises to the society.

    Our brand positioning

    Brand positioning: comprehensive service provider meeting the demands of enterprise and people in the whole life cycle.

    Through satisfying the people-oriented core idea of smart city, advocate the whole life cycle services for people and enterprises;
    According to the need of sustainable development of enterprises, as well as people’s demand for health, happiness, and high- quality life, provide comprehensive service operation.

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