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  • Strategic partners

    • One shares holding enterprise of Tsinghua Unigroup
    • Top 3 in biotechnology industry
    • Brand partner of Tsinghua High School
    • Annual revenues in 2014 reached 4 billion Yuan

    CHENGZHI SHAREHOULDING CO., LTD is high-tech listed company held by Tsinghua University, as well as Tsinghua holdings strategic leading enterprise, and key enterprises in Jiangxi province. Established on October 9, 1998, its being listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange on July 6, 2000 was the important outcome of the comprehensive cooperation between Jiangxi Province and Tsinghua University; meanwhile, it is also an achievement transformation industry base in life science, biotechnology, health care, liquid crystal chemical industry and other fields.

    The company focuses on life science and technology, liquid crystal materials, pharmaceutical chemicals, and medical service, and gathers core ability; through continuous development and accumulation, it has established more than 20 constituent companies in Beijing, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Hebei, Liaoning and foreign regions, thus forming the industry layout with Bohai region, Jiangxi region, Guangdong region and Liaodong region as the positions to radiate to the whole country.

    • 清華大學
    • 清華控股
    • 紫光集團
    • unis紫光
    • 同方國芯
    • SPE
    • HBC
    • RDK
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