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          Strategic partners

          • National torch plan key high-tech enterprise
          • National innovative enterprises pilot unit
          • Key culivating enterprise in Zhongguancun national innovation demonstration zone "10-100-100 project"
          • "National Science and Technology Progress Award" by virtue of “accelerator radiation source mobile container inspection system series development and industrialization”.
          • "A composable and mobile container inspection system" won the “Golden Award of Chinese Patent”
          • “A method and equipment to check the safety of liquids with ray" won the “Golden Award of Chinese Patent”.
          • "A vehicle-mounted mobile container inspection system" won the “Grand Prize of Beijing Invention Patent Award”.
          • The "liquid security inspection system" won the “First Prize of Technology Invention" and "Significant technology Invention in Information Industry".
          • "Recognition system for the equipments, methods and materials generating X-ray in different energy" won the 14th “Grand Prize of Beijing Invention Patent Award”.

          Founded in 1997, Tongfang NUCTECH is the world's leading security products and security solutions provider. Based on independent innovation, the company has been providing the customers in more than 130 countries and regions with the most advanced innovative technology, high-quality products and integrated security solutions and services in security check field closely around the customer requirements. As one of the world's few professional providers of container inspection system, NUCTECH has the world's largest professional production-university-research base of container inspection system, covering an total area of 100,000 square meters.

          The series of security products and services of Tongfang NUCTECH have been used in civil aviation, customs, railway, highway, urban rail traffic, postal logistics, public security and judicial organizations, large-scale activity events, and many other areas, its products are distributed throughout the domestic various provinces and autonomous regions, as well as more than 130 countries and regions, such as Australia, England, Norway, South Korea, the united Arab Emirates, South Africa, Venezuela and etc, so as to help the customers to protect the homeland security, as well as people's life and property security. As the world's largest professional supplier of security system, NUCTECH has been widely recognized by the worldwide customers.

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