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  • Service mode

    Park value-added service platform and property service security system

    By using the thinking mode of the Internet, build a professional operation service system with "one cloud-two specialties-five platforms” functional format for the science and technology park.

    Relying on the entity base of UNI Science & Technology Park, integrate all service resources guided by the enterprise demands, create characteristic industry service environment for each main body of science and technology park (UNI Real Estate Development, enterprises, individuals, services and investment institutions, etc.), promote the core competitiveness of UNI Science & Technology Park industry operation and development, so as to build a one-stop build an on-stop industrial chain collaboration integrated operation service system, and provide diversified services for the enterprises.

    Operation service of Industry Park

    Build the "one core, one auxiliary, and two supports" function system, namely by taking industrial function as the core, platform service function as the auxiliary, and life and living function as the support, make a coexistence and co-prosperity organic ecosystem between people and enterprises.

    Unisplendour Science and Technology Parks operating service system

    Smart city operation service

    Plan smart city service development and operation, and integrate the government, urban operators, cloud computing infrastructure service providers and intelligent equipment provider, four-in-one, so as to jointly promote the healthy ecological environment of centralized, intensive, large-scale and innovative smart city.

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