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  • President speech

    Beijing Uni Science and Technology Service Group Co., Ltd. chairman Li Lu Yuan

    Pursuit of dreams flying high,
     no boundaries for ambitious people

    BEIJING UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE GROUP CO., LTD. is a platform for scientific education and properties business operation, by means of technology industry integration, through investment, development, operation, and service to promote the establishment of technology industries of TSINGHUA UNIGROUP, helping the innovating development of city technology industries with the integration of industries and cities, so as to upgrade the cites economic transformation.

    This is both an opportunity and a challenge.

    With the constant practices of strategy of TSINGHUA UNIGROUP’s "independent innovation international mergers and acquisitions, to accelerate innovation on the basis of international mergers and acquisitions", TSINGHUA UNIGROUP with great ambition striding on the road of " becoming world level entrepreneurial Group in the filed China's high-technology ". UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE serving as a comprehensive operating service platform of undertaking integration and establishment of the group’s high technology industries, is due to put forward much more, higher, more stringent requirements to "people". into a major event, although suitable opportunity to speak more diligent.

    In the aspect of how to view and adapt to relations of cooperate and personal development, TSINGHUA UNIGROUP’s president Zhao Weiguo shared his profound perceptions: Gold help those who help themselves, Gold help those who introspect themselves, Gold help those who are in goodness. As we all see, success is not accidental; for those in success, they focus more on hardworking rather than catching opportunities.
    UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE is an escalating team in running period. I hope everyone in our team can deeply recognize his duty, do his job and regard UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE as our own career, together creating our own glories. In the course of innovation, change and development, we will inevitably undergo difficulties, but we will finally achieve success if without giving up, because we shoulder not only a responsibility but also an unwavering sentiment to the great cause.

    "Self-improvement and social commitment, cultural, practice, loyalty and honesty, respect, tolerance, intelligence, virtue" is our corporate philosophy, it is our spiritual beliefs. Front, let us strive, proud, whom persistent, violet dress Section glory tomorrow!
    Ahead of us, it’s the tomorrow’s glory of UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE that makes us courageous, proud and persistent.

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