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  • Company introduction

    Company Profile

    Founded in 2011, BEIJING UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE GROUP CO., LTD is the subordinate subsidiary of Tsinghua Unigroup, and a science and education real estate business operation platform, Tsinghua Unigroup has provided powerful capital, resources and personnel support for the development of BEIJING UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE GROUP CO., LTD.

    Relying on the powerful social resources and brand influence of Tsinghua University and Tsinghua Unigroup, UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE has formed five core competences in industry, education, talent, medical treatment and scientific research, and set up the most competitive "science and education real estate development mode” in China.

    UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE has been taking science and technology industrial cluster as the means, UNI Tech-Park as the platform, and boosting the innovative development of scientific and technological industry through investment, development, operation, and service, thus realizing urban economy transformation and upgrading, and becoming the service provider meeting the demand of people and enterprise in the whole life cycle.

    UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE has successively signed strategic cooperation agreements with Spreadtrum, RDA, Huasan, Xueda Education Group, VNET, Tongfang Guoxin, Unisplendour, UNI Digital, CHENGZHI SHAREHOLDING CO., LTD, Yinrun Iinvestment and other companies, and formed a UNI strategic alliance.

    Currently, UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE has completed BEIJING SCITEHOUTLET, Beijing UNI Ziwu Innovation Park, Beijing UNI Business Park Jingxiang Square, Beijing Zilu Villa, Beijing Guantang Villa, Xinjiang Longting Huaqing Garden, Xinjiang Longting Linqing Garden. The projects under construction projects are: Tianjin Nankai University project, Beijing Tsinghua IC Industrial Park, Beijing Tongzhou Business Park.

    Establishment of each branch:

    • 清華大學
    • 清華控股
    • 紫光集團
    • unis紫光
    • 同方國芯
    • SPE
    • HBC
    • RDK
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