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    Customs Clearance

    Formed in 1993, Fastic Group is a privately owned China-based logistics company with 8 offices in China and 1 office in Los Angeles. We are a Third Party Logistics Provider, helping customers with transportation, warehousing, depot and customs clearance needs throughout the country. We focus on developing effective Warehouse Management and efficient Tracking Systems for clients.

    Fastic Group offers a wide variety of international import/export and customs brokerage services designed to suit the needs of businesses worldwide.

    Fastic Group has a proven record of superb and reliable logistics services delivering to international customers. The importance of customer clearance is eminent to us to provide expedient services to make sure your goods arrive on time and at the right destination. In order to expedite your delivery, Fastic Group can provide the following customs clearance:
    • Import and brokerage systems integrated into our global sea and airfreight operations
    • Brokerage services handled in-house by licensed professionals to the extent permitted by law
    • Information system interfaces that are connected to customs authorities, where available
    Our comprehensive line of customs brokerage services include:
    • Automated customs clearance
    • Classification and valuation expertise
    • Customized management reports
    • Customs bond underwriting
    For more information, please contact us.